Shop of a metalwork

«SMU №200» has own shop on production of a metalwork of any complexity.

Metalwork is applied in all views of buildings and engineering constructions, especially today if it is about considerable flights, heights and need of perception of big loadings.

Shop of a metalwork «SMU №200» carries out production of a metalwork of various level of complexity, from standard to individual projects, carrying out production of a metalwork according to drawings of the customer or developing in own design department drawings of a stage DM (design metal) of KMD (a design metal, specification), proceeding from requirements of the customer.

Metalwork has a number of advantages, and their popularity is explained by it:

  • The high bearing ability. A metal framework can perceive considerable efforts at rather small sections owing to the big durability of metal.
  • High reliability. Thanks to uniformity of structure of metal and its elastic properties of a metal construction it is possible to calculate most precisely what allows to provide reliability of work of the projected construction.
  • Ease and transportability in comparison with designs from reinforced concrete, a stone and a tree. High mechanical properties of metal allow to allow in it high tension, and in comparison with sections from other materials of section of a metal framework turn out easier at the same efforts.
  • Solid matherial and connections allow to carry out waterproof and gas-tight designs.
  • Convenience in operation. A metal framework can be easily strengthened at increase in loadings, is most fully used at reconstruction, easily is under repair.

Now a metal framework is widely applied for:

  • Production buildings. Modern production buildings are often equipped with very heavy bridge cranes, have big flights, heights and are difficult engineering constructions.
  • The sheet designs representing various capacities (one-wall and double-walled), pipelines, silos. Metal in such designs is one of effective materials as meets requirement of sealing imposed to these constructions.