Purpose of the company

Achievement of a strategic objective is provided by means of:

  • Ensuring compliance of quality management system to requirements of STB ISO 9001-2009, and also to the legislative and other obligatory requirements applicable to production, constantly increasing productivity of quality management system.
  • Systematic studying and the analysis of requirements of consumers for the purpose of their maximum satisfaction.
  • Orientations of a level of quality of the performed construction and special works to the level of the advanced enterprises on the basis of continuous improvement of quality management system, timely providing and productive management of infrastructure and the production environment, including by means of modernization, introduction of new processes, materials and technologies.
  • Preventions of performance of construction and special works of unsatisfactory quality at all stages of preparation, production and delivery of works to consumers.
  • Implementation of appropriate control of elimination of discrepancies by tracking of the reasons of their emergence and implementation of the correcting and warning actions.
  • Purposeful continuous maintenance and professional development and competence of personnel.
  • Timely adoption of administrative decisions on improvement and updating of the created quality management system on the basis of the analysis of data, an assessment of functioning of system, realizing the principle of continuous improvement.